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Career Astrology : Mars in libra

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies in Libra the native may give one a job of a touring nature. Such a native many times may indulge in unfair trade and business or anti-social activities.

Managing life with Mars in Libra
The Mars in Sign of Libra is a benefic celestial potent planetary impact for many individuals. Under this placement of Mars there is both strength and aggressive impacts for an individual.

Mars in Libra native reflects nature and understanding of things before they would act. Their most important point is decisiveness and they would get things done. People in this position of Mars would procrastinate since need to weigh all alternatives before taking action. Life would not always be fair, though Mars in Libra would not accept this notion. These individuals would get messed up in defending themselves and others. Though their overall goal is to live peacefully, they would stir up a desire to balance everything. They would get to playing innocent when challenged and can charm the birds from trees to win your favor.

As they would not mean to be unfair, aggression has to have an outlet. Some Mars in Libra people turn energy to action leading to fight for justice and fairness in world. On up side Mars in Libra people get adept from predicting problems and discord occurring well in advance. These individuals know how to compromise and good at conflict management. On the other hand while creating harmony they would end up disrupting everyone in efforts to attain balance. These natives from Mars in Libra are charming and may act passive-aggressive. They would take a lot of energy from Mars turning it into action at most of times.

While gracious, entertaining they would attract people. These folks are good at knowing when problem would occur and experts at conflict management. Prefer intellectual pursuits and do not like confrontations or battles. They love being the center of attention and could get choosier than Virgo. Mars in Libra people dislike rudeness and vulgarity preferring to stay away from potential partners displaying such behavior. They would allow being pushed around for time though it would inevitably make them unhappy unless relation equals out.


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