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Career Astrology : Mars in cancer

Career Astrology : When The Mars in Cancer: If the Mars occupies Cancer the native may make one wealthy by cultivation, agriculture, development of water resources, fishery, navigation, irrigation, hydel power, cold drinks, etc

The Astrology for Mars in Cancer
Mars is in the benefic and celestial presence for individuals. It is a potency provider for many with strength and aggressiveness. Arrival of Mars in Cancer is a placement of passive aggressiveness.

With Mars in Cancer the people have seemed to resist change which makes them shy away from situations involving direct confrontations. As these individuals need to feel more secure before they can act they would appear rather slow at different times. With them the motto is ‘The best offence is defense’. As a result they would appear rather weak to some people and at times they can be stronger.

Their strength is about their tenaciousness. With a sex drive which can easily be tied up with their emotional needs. At a very best of efforts they can turn on others with a protection and therapeutic way around their persona. Cancer people’s protective nature is always best expressed when these native turn their energy outward as they can when they become protector of other people. Turning it inwards is when the native would find problems like they inflict harm to themselves in doing so with the energy. They need to avoid over sensitivity and self protection when it is about sex. Some people likely get turned on with the thought of creating a baby. People who are having placement of Mars in Cancer are ones who are threatened with indifference. While they become argumentative and manipulative their energy levels go variable which can make them appear to move very slowly.
Mars in cancer natives feel more defensive reactions with the bursts of emotional displays which they find as cornered to in different times and places. With a new vigor of reassurance and confidence, these native are protective, helpful and dependable in the long haul. Preferring to handle situations peacefully and humanely they are energetic and positive to life.


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