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Career Astrology : Mars in 10th house

Career AstrologyMars in the 10th House is said to be Digabali. It is upheld by one and all. It is upheld by one and all. Many exaggerations have been made about the virtues of Mars in the 10th House such as meaning Mars in the 10th House makes one a lamp of the family or meaning thereby one can do nothing without Mars in the 10th House.


Beneficial Mars in 10th house
The placement of Mars in astrological horoscope of individual is a strong and powerful presence. This bestows potency to natives. This provides a dominating and strong place to natives in professional and social areas.

These individuals under Mars in 10th house need to put their hard work with a strong endeavor to reach higher besides the fact that they would be truly determined with profession. As life path is known very well, they would sincerely put all steps on path of career.

These individuals are believed to attain success quiet early in their life. They would crave for high position and depend on themselves for same. As they possess good management abilities with a political mind they would be born to lead with profession with a potent personality to workplace and not stay subordinate for long.


These natives are blessed with good fame and from very little age even if they would not have done much for which they would be happy. Natives with Mars in 10th house possess very few good relations around as they could have some foes at work place for being harsh in their attitude at times.

Mars in 10th house bestows to them less need for freedom at work and also would give liberty to others though superiors should not be strict with them as it indicates their negative side while believing them would produce great results. These are serious people who rarely have fun in their workplace.


Native individuals having Mars in 10th house acquire wealth and success as their life would explicitly show growth and development in their life picture.  Also if Ketu, Rahu, Venus and Moon get placed over 2nd house then it would reduce benefic impacts to some extent while placement of any friendly planet in the 3rd house would also impact adversely with Mars in 10th house. Placement of Saturn in 3rd house bestows great wealth and prosperity as further enhancing positive impacts of Mars.


Natives of Mars in 10th house are advised to not sell their ancestral treasury ever in life while they should never let milk come over fire while boiling it. They are also advised to keep pet at home with help to one eyed and childless people bringing them greater gains.

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