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Career Astrology : Mars in 9th house

Career AstrologyIn Hindu Astrology malefic, the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu or Ketu are supposed to give auspicious results only in Upachaya Houses (3rd, 6th and 11th Bhavas). Malefic in other House may give favorable results only when they occupy own exalted and friendly signs or navamasa or when they are functional benefices or they are conjoined with or accepted by functional benefices.


Influence of Mars in 9th house
Mars planet has a big stellar influence and presence in the native’s astrological horoscope. It holds a lot of vigor for which it appears both positive and negative at different times.

Placement of Mars in 9th house brings a strong core to individual while making them truly dynamic personalities with their birth. Natives would be truly strong from core in that they would carry enough self belief to triumph over world though it could be at extreme at times which is somewhat harmful at some other places. Mars in 9th house makes them full of ideas and increases efficiency such that they are able to express them well. They need to avoid compelling perceptions over other people and need to listen to those around them.

People having Mars in 9th house are dominating personalities within a blend of vivacious persona for which they get liked and followed by many around them. Instead they lack patience in approach and could be very restless at times when things do not move according to them. They realize that they are not much flexible in attitude though adaptable in various surroundings.


Individuals from Mars in 9th house prefer to have companions of lively and interesting personalities. Native individuals of this placement are born explorers who intend to take risks of unveiling lurked arenas and strive to bring out newer ways. With them there is no place of fear in mind. Besides, they love travelling and are having strong belief on spiritual and philosophical aspects as well.

Individuals from Mars in 9th house placement can be seen as being involved in sports arena. This house is ruled by Jupiter, sharing a friendly relation with Mars in making the placement auspicious for bringing positive results to natives. This is like a divine blessing for people born under this placement of Mars. Also, the native brother’s wife is fortunate for person with truly positive results. This also gives great happiness at home if the native would stay in joint family. The native would have equal number of brothers to his or her father’s brothers.


These individuals would reach greater heights in country which is at an early age with powerful administrative places till age of 28 years. People under Mars in 9th house are set to attain great profits and in trade of things associated with warfare. Possessing good respect and wealth on land they are believed to lead a good life though there are some obstacles in life path.


They need to pay respect and services to elders, brothers and to brother’s wife. Individuals should keep their belief on culture and primitive beliefs following them as it is beneficial for them. They need to offer rice, milk and jaggery to sacred places of worship.

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