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Career Astrology : Mars in sixth house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that Mars in the 6th House gives victory over formidable enemies. Such native may be good wrestlers, athletes, army men, policemen, fire-fighters, doctors, surgeons and Magistrates.


Gains from Mars in 6th house
The planet Mars in 6th house is provider of supreme potency to individuals for which it also empowers aspects of the sixth house. In this placement of planet Mars, the native emerges as highly vigorous and an active persona at the work place.

Native of placement of Mars in 6th house are people who truly are sincere and serious to work besides having huge lumps of energy to workplace and expect other people to possess the same as they hate lethargic personalities in their workplace.


These people are strong hard workers who intend to put all their efforts in accomplishing their work well. They are quietly aggressive and can easily turn irritated which is main reason for butter relations at workplace and they would also have some enemies and foes in their professional arena.

People born with Mars in 6th house are inflexible with attitude either allowing freedom of work for co workers or overly concerned at workplace, leading to acquiring unreasonable worry at times. These people are quite impatient at work. While being intellectual and skilled at organizing and analyzing, they are really good at work though they expect more recognition for their work.


Native individuals with Mars in 6th house receive admiration from superiors who are believed to succeed in profession for always giving their best. They bring softness and flexibility in attitude improving upon the work environment around them.

These individuals greatly benefit from trading and business related to Mercury stuff. Placement of Sun, Saturn and Mars together in 6th house brings problems to the nearest family members of native. The native’s brothers, offer them something and should pay their respects as it brings them prosperity and defends them from adverse impacts. The individual should distribute salt instead of sweets on birth of son and his son should wear gold for good of native. He or she must also pay worship to Lord Ganesha for well being of parents and to win over his enemies.


Besides this pursuing the remedies of planet Saturn could bring better progress in the native’s life. These individuals would be hard working, energetic, though easily upset with procrastination.

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