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Career Astrology : Mars in pisces

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies in Pisces the native may make one reside in a foreign land. Such a native may lose wealth and position on account of his own misdeeds.

The colorful Mars in Pisces
Mars is a celestial stellar presence in the individual’s horoscope. Arrival of Mars in Pisces is considered potent and strength in offering.

Mild tempered and gentle these folks with Mars in Pisces move with their life in manner which is hardly direct. Mars is planet of action and assertions while Pisces is passive sign which asserts with a direct fashion. There is an unusual combination of placement of Mars in this planet. These individuals are prone to feelings of guilt of their anger and difficulties in asserting themselves. Mars in Pisces individuals seem to go with the flow.

Natives of Mars in Pisces are not active to a full extent, while they will often let life happen rather than trying to control their own life direction. This is charming position for individuals and they would not appear like they would be capable of harming a fly. However they would not find creative expression to this energy which can stir up storm through indirect aggression. These folks are not averse to playing games to get what they expect while even they would not know exactly what they want! Then their desires are changing and they are moody it is quite difficult to get these people to stand out for any particular issue.

Some people with Mars in Pisces take stand in issues which are Piscean in nature, making compassion and love to be their mission. Energy levels fluctuate more coming in bursts of activity and inertia.  Finding a job which supports their energy as it is, quite a task. Happiest of the natives with Mars in Pisces individuals are those with creative outlet allowing them to express desires of moment, compassion and anger freely and imaginatively. For an example of Mars in Pisces is Bono, the lead singer of U2, who found perfect outlet of creativity from music, and as a spokesperson of love and compassion.


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