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Home Career Astrology : Mars In Twelfth House

Career Astrology : Mars in twelfth house

Career Astrology : Normally, a planet in the 12th Bhava is not held to be conductive for professional success except when the profession be connected with foreign sources, hospitals, jails, N.G.O.’s social services and the like.

Enhanced life with Mars in 12th house
Mars or mangal planet is one of the most potent planets with great strength and dominance for native. It brings good heights to person. Placement of Mars in 12th house keeps an individual strong from inside with leading of a stable life path with balance between expenses and expenditure.

Natives with Mars in 12th house are courageous enough to get their acts together for walking alone on life path which is not at all dependent besides which they would believe in keeping desires and work a secret. These individuals do not share many intimate and friendly relations around as there would be only few closer to them besides which they could also appear harsh and aggressive to other people. They would be much reserved in their attitude. People born with Mars in 12th house lack at self belief at times turning negative for which they need to motivate themselves and be stronger from inside.

The natives with Mars in 12th house do not take failures easily; it could affect them intensely besides which they also feel defeated and tired mostly. It could be possible that people around them are reason for mental weakness as their environment could be somewhat negative. Natives of this placement of Mars would indeed work hard behind the scenes and can also confront blames for something which they are not responsible for.

On the other hand, they are also very strong and can come to know of this when they are more mature in their life. Their family along with their loved ones should make sure to always encourage and motivate them. Placement of Mars in 12th house provides pleasant results for they would be friendly in nature. This house also gets impacted with placement of Rahu as it leads to some malefic effects. These natives should take honey in morning before taking anything, should eat and serve sweets to people around as this brings goodness in life to these natives.

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