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Career Astrology : Mars in first house

Career Astrology Bhatt says that the Mars in the 1st house may make one industrious, courageous and hardworking but such a native may experience hurdles in achievement of success at the crucial time. Jeevanath Jha says that it may make one very bold and brave. Kashinath says that it may make one poor.


Astrology of Mars in 1st house
Astrology birth horoscope is a great way to know your future. It is about predicting the future outcome of life and career using stellar influences, birth date, time of birth and other details. It is an ancient science which has been practiced since ages.

Mars in 1st house is a special potent presence in the astrological arena which is making them feel more dominating and authoritative to a native’s nature with aggression and valor in their attitude. This placement of the planet in the horoscope for individual makes them appear different on various horoscopes as it could be possible from benefic or malefic influence from different planetary placements. Presence of Mars in 1st house from the ascendant house bestows many attributes of quality to person which is either good or bad that turns their life towards any of directions.

These individuals are perceived to be of vigorous and dynamic a personality which is making them courageous and leaders in approach. They are free souls and convey all masculine expressions. Though with the Mars in 1st house there are bound to be many bad influences which makes them highly y aggressive and also hasty with their attitude making them go into problems and also leading to an immoral life path.

Mars in 1st house creates problems in the individual’s marital life as it gives them high level of manglik. This problem’s remedy is only recommended for the natives who want to have good marital life. The individuals are ambitious and determined with their approach and reach admirable heights if they would believe upon hard work and efforts.  These natives are truly firm in attitude for which they do not get affected by others but makes them inflexible and inadaptable in attitude. They would then possess much self belief though there cannot be use for it as overconfidence leading to possible failures.


Natives are emotional beings with strong core and would carry practical vision of life but they could be possessive in closed relations as they become narrow minded beings. Natives would definitely have reddish complexion and scars in their body with a big naval.

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