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Career Astrology : Mars in 8th house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that presence of Mars in the 8th House is enough to nullify effects of benefices in the 9th or other auspicious House. Mars in the 8th House is a formidable obstacle to peace and progress.


Predict future with Mars in 8th House
Mars or mangal planet is a giver of potency and has a powerful celestial presence giving further strength to native. Placement of Mars in 8th House further provides energetic and vigorous approach for life which includes all positive and negative impact on individual’s life.

Individuals born under this placement of the Mars in 8th House are quiet hasty and aggressive in attitude. This puts all of their efforts and hard work to reach the bottom. They are born with strong intellect and vision to perceive truth well. Including these reasons they would naturally feel inclined to investigation and researches where they would grow really higher as well as in areas associated with medicine, law and finance. These natives from Mars in 8th House are highly efficient in bringing out solutions and untangling threads of complex nature in office or home.

People with Mars in 8th House tend to possess invincible strength and are very firm in their life path, with which they have decided to achieve what they intend to. They are believed to succeed in professional area but would not be much satisfied with relationships and even could feel the lack of love and warmth in personal life.


With Mars in 8th House these native bear losses in joint financial aspects. There are some financial problems in individual’s life path. The placement of Mars brings about some colors of scorpions in attitude for which these individuals can be somewhat disguised and covetous at times though they expect loyalty from others also.

While they are both aggressive and reserved with their temperament, they are also strongly passionate at core. Presence of Mars in 8th hose brings adverse impacts upon younger brother of native while immense firmness in native’s attitude could also be reason of losses at times. These individual’s need to pay respect and services to widows, should wear a silver chain for reduction of malefic effects.

Mars in 8th House people should offer sweets, bread on tandoor to dogs, offer rice, gram pulse and jaggery in sacred places of worship. They should build a small dark room at end of House such that there is no sunlight in it. They should also bury an earthen pot with Deshi Khand in or near a cremation ground for best results and benefic influence of Mars in 8th House.

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