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Career Astrology : Mars in 5th house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that native with Mars in the 5th Bhava may have no end to their desires leading them to great frustration or they may be committing sins after sins. They are incapable of saving money. Kalyan Verma says that it may make one fickle minded, mischievous, restless and mean minded.


Astrology of Mars in 5th house
The astrological horoscopes of individuals are affected by the presence of planets and stellar influences. In this scope the life path of individual is made better or worse from the presence of for example Mars. Mars in 5th house is a provider of immense potency which strengthens aspects of own house. It provides individuals with immense vigor and energetically inclined to worldly pleasures on land.

The people with Mars in 5th house are muscular and impulsive personality, who love to confront risks and challenges in their lifetime but this is at cost of patience. The natives with this placement of Mars would be aggressive while being quietly attached to materialistic comforts with showy nature of attitude.


These individuals are somewhat possessive in their relations while they can become easily jealous at other times. Also endowed with creative and artistic abilities, natives of placement of Mars in 5th house are admired by their friends for being and showing vigor, affectionate and fun loving. They may face some problems in intimate relations while often changing partners.

Individuals with Mars in 5th house are energetic and active children while their sons could be a reason for affluence and prosperity in life. They would observe to have explicit growth in native’s life after birth of son. The things related to planet Venus and Moon appear more beneficial and positive for person. Pleasing with time span in life the placement of Mars would be beneficial though relations with opposite sex would lead to problems and agony leading to lack of peace in their lifetime.


People of this placement having Mars in 5th house need to stay on their moral path and keep their character pure. They need to worship and pay their respects to ancestors while also planting a neem tree in housing area would lead to deep gains. By keeping water pot below the head side of bed for whole night and dropping the same water in flower pot in morning is a benefic.

Mars in 5th house bestows on people a strong love of pleasure. It makes these individuals seek to directly and impulsively follow romance. Many people under this sign love sports and anything within the element of risk appeals and entertains them. There is a lot of energy into pursuit of entertainment, games and satisfaction. The people with Mars in 5th house are active hobbyist, playful and demonstrative while being competitive.

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