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Career Astrology : Mars in scorpio

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies in Scorpio the native may make one a good salesman, a trader, a businessman, a property dealer, owner of land, factory and property.

Significant placement of Mars in Scorpio
Mars has a celestial presence and strong influence on native. It is a good impact for individuals. When arriving in Mars in Scorpio it would exert stellar influence.

Mars in Scorpios individuals would love to put new challenge to do the tasks that are impossible. They would throw their selves into anything they decide to do with energy and awesome willpower. These people would naturally make for formidable opponents and often quietly so. These individuals would keep their cool and equilibrium on surface. Below the surface might be another story yet these individuals are unlikely to easily let you inside. They have potential to exploit others and rely more onto their gut feelings.

Mars in Scorpio people are strongest of positions in Mars. Sometimes these people who are attracted to taboos and fantasies might involve blowing taboos to smithereens! These individuals would enjoy scenarios with which other person is giving to them and therefore would absolutely do anything for them. With strong sexual appeal which is enough to generally get what they want they would find it difficult to share their partners though they are likely never to admit this.  Mars in Scorpio natives has a black or white philosophy of life. These people prefer to say – ‘just choose’, which is why they are really not comfortable with compromises. Real living according to these natives is about accepting challenges while making changes. While these natives constantly test themselves, they would also make all kinds of rules and goals just for personal satisfaction which comes from achieving and mastering them.

Mars in Scorpio people have strong survival instincts and they would embrace own animal nature when they are alone with themselves without guilt. People and natives would indeed have provocative quality of most evident in youth though it gets carried to adulthood in subtle and controlled ways. The individuals in this placement who have low self esteem are mighty twisted inside. Instead of bringing themselves through a situation, they would turn to self loathing outwardly and often end up manipulating others while feeling resentful. Mars in Scorpio people know that life simply is not fair.


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