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Career Astrology : Mars in 3d house

Career AstrologyMars in 3rd House, according to Bhrigu, makes one brave and powerful. Gopala Ratnaker says that it makes one courageous. Parasar says that it will confer wealth, fame and happiness, Shaunaka says that it may make one a well famed minister or a high official.


Choicest Position of Mars in 3rd house
Mars or mangal is believed to be a benefic planet presence on individual’s horoscope. With Mars in 3rd house, it is most potent and aggressive provider of immense strength. Presence of Mars makes the person strong from their inner core. Native individuals with Mars in 3rd house possess vigorous composure with courage for risks in life. They are also hasty in approach with much restless and impatience with their attitude. 

These natives are straight with words which could be harsh and lead them to arguments many times. The people in Mars in 3rd house hurry all the time and especially while driving. Ever enjoying attitude of person in this position could be a problem. 


They are endowed with good intellect and understanding. Inclined to grasping knowledge and like to share with others though they ignore others opinion or would not give chance for others to speak.

Mars in 3rd house makes individual humble and generous in attitude besides in-laws helping in finances after marriage. The malefic effects of this position of Mars could lead to blood disorders, when these individuals need to keep attitude soft and warm with kindness to brothers for goodness of life. 
Direct and clear with communication, these natives like a good debate. This makes the native very provocative in communication even though he/she might not notice it. 

Individuality matters to them the most, and go to any extent to support their views. Differences of opinion could be a big challenge to them. These natives have manual dexterity, though there is impatience of tasks completion.

These natives are enthusiastic, animated and lively in expressions and would inspire others. The individual should wear a silver ring in left hand and should try to keep stuff of ivory near home.

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