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Home Career Astrology : Mars In Gemini

Career Astrology : Mars in gemini

Career Astrology : If the Mars occupies Gemini the native may make one learned in any branch of knowledge or learning such as arts, science, commerce, technology. It makes one fortunate in matters of profession.

Venturesome Mars in Gemini
Mars is a benefic celestial presence for individual. It is a planet which rules our drive and passions. Mars is a great influence for many individuals.

In the mutable air sign of Gemini, Mars influence is a little scattered and unfocussed. As these individuals with Mars in Gemini are easily bored, they need fresh change of speed frequently so as to keep energy levels higher. Though it is an odd thing to happen. Whenever there is nothing much to be done, these native individuals are exhausted. Though there is a plenty of interesting things on agenda, Mars in Gemini individuals can be great powerhouses! Much more than most people these individuals would have a physical reaction to boredom.

Mars in Gemini native get angry and fired up when they use words as their weapons. Angry words some of most incisive and sarcastic one can go around with energetic natives. Other native would simply talk their way through that too energetically. Mars in Gemini natives would need to get everything off their chests when they are actually fired up. In fact, debates of Mars in Gemini people are a specialty. Individuals with Mars in Gemini have sharp wit to win over arguments. They are talkative sort and sometimes border on verbal diarrhea. Individuals who have their charts show much more reserve only when chatty when they get worked up about something or other. Some more people with this position of Mars in Gemini can be quite fidgety.

Mars in Gemini people can have much nervous energy. Generally their nervousness and restlessness are at root of plenty of physical ups and downs. When these individual’s are on edge they can get nitpicky. Many of these individuals channel their energy from their hands. Gemini is ruler of hands and often these people express energy from musical instruments and even video games. Most of the natives are attracted to puzzles and games as diversions. These people are often adaptable and thrive on change. They would take up many projects at once and spread themselves too thin at times. Their sustained interest is not common with position of Mars. Most of individuals benefit from attempting to focus energies than scattering the same. However their versatility and disdain for routine means that individuals of Mars in Gemini are usually busy people.


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