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Career Astrology : Mars in 7th house

Career AstrologyMars in the 7th House is upheld from the profession point of view. 7th House being the 10th form the 10th House should also, therefore, be upheld as an auspicious place for Mars from the professional point of view.


Astrology predictions for Mars in 7th house
Mars is the mangal planet which provides lot of potency and strengthens humans from their core. It also bestows aggression and impatience which is reason of malefic effects many times. Arrival of Mars in 7th house brings some adverse effects on native’s life providing an average life path of relations.

People born under this placement of Mars in 7th house are perceived to confront problems in their conjugal path as these natives find difficulty in getting married as well as during their walks over this conjugal path. These native do not have many and much stronger relations with outer world as they face problem in professional areas also.


Main reason is hasty and impatient attitude with violent mental composure of individuals. They would also get surrounded by similar aggressive people in personal and professional life. This placement of Mars in 7th house is pleasant for taking native to good heights in sales and marketing by making them highly competitive at their core.

Individuals born under Mars in 7th house have to confront conflicts and quarrels in relations leading to unstable conjugal path for which they become lacking in peace in their marital life. These individuals are advised to marry a person who could understand them well with a mature attitude to life. These people with Mars in 7th house are quiet inflexible about opinion for which they are advised to give thought to other oppositions, as these individuals could also be at the right side at times.


People with Mars in 7th house need to try to avoid arguments. These native receive influence of both Venus and Mercury together providing impact of Sun, therefore placement of Mars is a benefic. The individual receives impact of Sun, attaining strong position in professional and social arena with great affluence and heights.

Aspect of Mercury being placed with planet Mars brings adverse impacts to all necessary factors associated with Mercury, as there would be problems with sister, sister-in-law, nurses, maids, goats, parrots etc. Individuals would be better off by staying away from all of these.

Mars in 7th house native should place a piece of silver in their house, offer sweets to daughter, sister, sister-in-law and widows. They should build a small wall and destroy it every time after rebuilding it. This makes for fast progress in the individual’s life path.

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