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Career Astrology : Mars in eleventh house

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt says that Mars in the 11th Bhava is suitable for the native joining the police or military services or medical services. Such a native is capable of vanquishing enemies or diseases. Such a Mars may have gains from cattle, animals, means of transports etc.


Develop life with Mars in 11th house
Mars is a benefic potency influence on astrology of individuals. Arrival of Mars in 11th house is one of the most potent presences in celestial arena and leaves strong impact upon the individual’s astrological places.

Mars is one of the most potent presences and with Mars in 11th house bestows native with strong and dominant stature in social arena with good wealth to lead a good life. Natives of the placement of Mars in 11th house stand upon a strong social circle, while being truly involved in these groups, most of times they would either be leading whole group or playing a significant part therein.


As these individuals from Mars in 11th house are good organizers and managers they tend to provide their best efforts and hard work. These individuals have independent attitudes appearing harsh at times for which they would not be able to develop deeper relations around them.

Individuals from this placement of Mars in 11th house are very determined towards their aspirations and goals giving their all required efforts for same which in general takes them towards success in their life path. These natives with Mars in 11th house are advised to stay calm and cooperative in social and professional arena, as their difficult and harsh attitude could be a reason for hurdles at times.


The house gets impacted with planet Saturn and Jupiter which gives a pleasant relation with planet Mars in 11th house provides positively related impacts upon the native’s life. Apart from these influences if Jupiter gets exalted in horoscope placements then it would be able to further enhance positive results of these combinations.


Native individuals with Mars in 11th house are truly courageous and strong from inside. These natives should never sell their ancestral treasury and property. They should keep an earthen pot filled with sindoor or honey which is close within the house’s area.

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