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Career Astrology : Mercury in 10th house

Career Astrology : Bhrigu says that Mercury in 10th Bhava in own or friendly sign or in conjucation with benefics may give good and dignified jobs whereas Mercury in enemical or malefic signs or in conjunction with malefic may give petty or undignified jobs.

Astrology for Mercury in 10th house
Mercury or Budh planet is a well endowed benefic planet which is supposed to bestow most goodness in native’s life. This specially affects the career path of a person. Arrival of Mercury in 10th house expresses success in professional life though it needs true efforts and hard work.

These natives would have a very sincere and determined approach to professional path. They would put entire required endeavor to reach highest point of success. The planet Mercury or Budh provides supreme attributes of eloquence and writing with effective management and creative skills. These individuals do not depend on anyone else for growth as they believe in taking their own steps. These natives with Mercury in 10th house are involved in professions comprising public relations which include using communication skills.

As they are free persona with specialty to professional aspects for which they indeed change their job many times though they do not take hasty decisions or they could be found in pursuing different pursuits at one time. They necessarily need freedom in air of workplace to give their best while they are generally seen as dominating with position ruling over others and /or strong position even without being ruled by many.

With great vigor they would work at their place and being truly vivacious they would not let boredom set in while accomplishing both the work well and precisely. These natives are happy and satisfied with professional aspects though also have leading qualities to blissful life with good wealth and admirable success. They receive favors from government and authority people would hold strong relations around which it would be beneficial for social and professional areas. Mercury in 10th house brings adverse impacts on person. These natives with Mercury in 10th house should offer rice and milk in religious places. They should stay away from immoral drinking and non vegetarian food as this leads to increasing malefic effects.

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