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Career Astrology : Mercury in 12th house

Career Astrology : Bhrigu says that Mercury in 12th Bhava makes one learned and knowledgable. Exalted Mercury therein may also make one rich but expensive too. Such a natives may have fears from the govt., If such Mercury is conjoined with malefic. If conjoined with benefics or in exalation or in own sign Mercury in 12th Bhava may make one a leader of people or a public servant or benefactor to public.

Astrology of Mercury in 12th house
Mercury is a planet which is offering auspicious planetary position in horoscope. It brings out the goodness of human life. Arrival of Mercury in 12th house brings significant aspect of emotional side in approach towards life. There would also be somewhat of a difficult balance in between expenditure and income of these natives.

Individuals with placement of Mercury in 12th house do have some intellect with thoughts though it would get impacted from emotional blend, for which they have many fluctuations. Natives with this position of Mercury are quiet reserved with inner beliefs and rarely share their ideas being shy in expressing and conversing in public. Things get complex when there is conflict between emotions and logic for them. People under the placement of Mercury in 12th house are curious to learn about requirement for growing ahead, taking them further to weakness of mental composure and self belief.

Individuals from this placement advised to follow mature and practical vision in staying safe and strong with their life path as an inner bewilderment could lead to wrong decisions and being harmed by untrue people. These people are irritating at times and behave stubbornly at unreasonable aspects at other time. Presence of Mercury in 12th house causes much mental fluctuations to person. This could lead to loosing of sleep and lack of peace of mind.

These individuals are prone to headache and worries. Placement of Saturn along with Mercury in 12th house improves results besides which Mercury and Sun are also placed here. This is why the outcome of the combination here is truly positive. The more adversely affected would be daughter, sister, father’s sister and niece of natives, if they stay with natives in their house. While at same time, natives with mercury in 12th house should not get married in 25th year of birth and should stay away from speculation. They should wear a ring of stainless steel and put a tilak of Kesar over their head and keep visiting sacred places with involvement into religious aspects. These individuals need to throw an empty pitcher in river and should always consult other wiser and trusted people before they have to approach in a new direction or new prospect.

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