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Career Astrology : Mercury in capricorn

Career Astrology : Mercury in Capricorn may make one jobless loitering for job from pillar to post. Such a natives may have better chances in services than in some independent profession. Such natives is prone to downfall owing to his own misdeeds.

Astrology of the planet Mercury in Capricorn
Mercury in Capricorn position of planet is benefic and huge influence for individuals. Natives born under this placement of Mercury in their astrological horoscope would definitely feel an impact.

With the Mercury in Capricorn, natives have a strong need to compartmentalize impressions they get from world. These individuals often speak and write in slow and methodical manner. They would appreciate structure and order. Though they are usually resourceful people, they get frustrated, when too much information is thrown towards them at once. They break down their ideas into smaller manageable parts before they arrive at a decision. Usually these natives are mentally more active, and the individuals with Mercury in Capricorn are generally productive people preferring to take up projects that yield tangible and core practical results. Besides this these natives have an authoritative air about them. They are not appreciative when taken off guard and quickly become impatient with people who would not honor their word.

There is a bit of law maker in this position of Mercury. These people are a little strict and judgmental with others and get easily bothered when other people do not seem to get things which are extraordinarily obvious to them. Individuals natives are seemingly crystal clear of judgment though their thought processes can be skewed to a more practical world. They can too easily reject, what seems to be frivolous ways of thinking. As they are not given to much fancy, these natives mind’s are oriented toward doing practical tasks. Though there is bit of doubting Thomas in Mercury in Capricorn people. Many of these individuals squint often because their reaction to information is skepticism. This is more of furrowing of eyebrows and often seen in people with strong Saturn in their charts as well.

With the Sun in Sagittarius or Aquarius these people might come across as hardnosed, conservative and practical than they actually are. Reason for this is that they have processing and relay of information (for Mercury) in a Capricornia way. Their style of communication is the no frills variety or with no fuss/hassle. Capricorn as a sign likes to value time and hates wastage. They would look more concise in presentation, although they take time to making plans as it is investment in future. Many natives of Mercury in Capricorn choose their words carefully. They definitely come across as inept, so look a little stiff in presentation. Even the natives who seem quite smooth would likely have fretted over their ability to communicate and with their intellectual abilities. Communication hassles would generally be obvious when natives are relating to those with Mercury in Aries (who find them deliberate and methodical), Mercury in Cancer (who think they are cold and practical) and Mercury in Libra (who find them too judgmental). Mercury in Capricorn people has their own issues or gripes – Aries people look too hasty, cancer too emotional and Libra too argumentative to them. With this the solution to overcome the challenge is in understanding which is a result of differences in styles of communication.


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