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Career Astrology : Mercury in virgo

Career Astrology : When The Mercury in Virgo: Mercury occupies in Virgo may make one a scholar in Science and Technology, Shilpi or any branch of Knowledge. He may get name, fame and wealth in any profession. He may do well in trade and business or in any pen work. He is pragmatic and practical.

Predictions of astrology for Mercury in Virgo
The placement of Mercury in astrological birth horoscope of individuals is a benefic influence. While it bestows good amount of influence from the planet Mercury it is also about benefits from position of planet Mercury.

Mercury in Virgo individuals are rarely flashy with their communication style though they appreciate it thoroughly when other people acknowledge their brain power. These natives would love to keep track of all details. They could be a little high strung when things are not orderly or when things seem to be out of control so they would put a lot of energy into taking care of their day to day practical matters.

Mercury in Virgo people are generally quite adept with organizing, planning on short term basis and doing their errands. They would pay their bills on time, enjoy learning details of trade and generally do not balk at secretarial tasks. Natives would function their very best when the have laid out for others exactly what they have to do. While generally prompt at responding to others, they are often willing to lend a hand to others by doing research and leg work for them.

Generally these natives of Mercury in Virgo sign are considered rather useful in work and as friends since they have a lot to handle on details of things they need to do. Although, these are capable of learning a lot, they would need better orderly environments to learn and study with organized study methods. They pick up a lot of facts and figures and learn their trade well though they would have trouble truly absorbing knowledge so collected from a deeper level. Although resourceful the Mercury in Virgo people are not as strong in their habit of lateral thinking for example water sign Mercuries.

If your Mercury is in sign of Sagittarius or Gemini, then you would find Mercury in Virgo people are difficult to communicate with. Although you can share common interests, the way you deliver message can be intensely different to point of frustration. Learning to understand about thought processes which are different, presenting ideas may also differ but there is more common ground that you would need to know. Mercury in Virgo natives would also appear to be humble at times, though they get protective when it is about day to day affairs. These individuals can be very impatient than others, they would feel the things best and take on more work than they can and would complain that they do all the dirty work.

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