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Career Astrology : Mercury in aquarius

Career Astrology : Mercury in Aquarius may make one a subordinate. Such a natives may be in inferior or subordinate services or he may be a petty businessman or a petty cultivator.

Astrology of the planet Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury is a benefic impactful presence in astrological horoscope of individuals. People born under this placement of planet Mercury are too often beneficially influenced.

Mercury in Aquarius people enjoy breaking up the rules while being unconventional in self expression. These natives are not usually or necessarily loud or flamboyant people, though they have quite a way of stirring other people up. These individuals delight in exposing what is a bias in other people’s way of thinking. They are quick to contradict others while they have a different perspective they would also enjoy intellectual debates. They are very quick and alert   with their powers of observation that are particularly stronger. They would usually win debates.  These individuals are interested in scoring intellectual points, which is maddening at times. Aquarius is air sign, which is detached and intellectual by its nature. This is also a fixed sign, so people under Mercury in Aquarius often live through an intellectual agenda.

These individuals are ever forcing their ideas on to other people. With an apparent intellectual superiority complex they can come as intimidating to other folks at times. On other hand, Mercury in Aquarius people can make for a delightful company. They would usually have something interesting to say and perspectives on issues are delightfully quirky, and insightful. These natives have unusual study habits. These people are generally resistant to schedules even if they have Capricorn Sun and perhaps also with a Pisces sun sign.

These individuals are often surprisingly organized, while their sense of order might not be entirely understandable to other people. People under this position of Mercury are attached to scientific and metaphysical pursuits. To them anything which promises progress and advancement of mankind is of special appeal. With a sense of humor which is well developed and unique then their jokes and shocking and stirring up news is especially appreciated by Mercury in Aquarius people.


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