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Career Astrology : Mercury in sagittarius

Career Astrology : Mercury in Sagittarius may make one a minister or adviser of the government or a high official in the govt. or elsewhere. Such a natives may be a teacher or a professor or an author or a writer or an artist. He is brilliant, learned, skilled in speech and famous.

Astrology of the Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury is a benefic planet and its position is a great impact on the individuals. Many people born under this position of Mercury in Sagittarius are truly bestowed with numerous influences.

The Mercury in Sagittarius people strive for freedom of thought. These people can communicate in optimistic and forward looking manner very easily. They have big ideas generally, though it is wise to be tactful when one sees all the holes in arguments. Though these individuals mean well and have a vision. These people are not thrilled of focusing on details rather they prefer to expand mental vision and horizons through thinking and reading of ever larger subjects like philosophy. Desire of knowledge could be insatiable for them while they have little patience with dry academics or cold hard facts. It could be right when we say they have restless intellect. These people learn best when they are given freedom to think for themselves or when they are truly interested in topic at hand and when their learning is fun.

Some people would get bewildered from their definition of justice yet the Mercury in Sagittarius defend justice and freedom religiously. They would generally have a whole slew of principles to follow, or at least defend in conversation and gladly discuss most of it. Their optimism is their strength and weakness at same time. You probably would feel little stimulated and invigorated after having talked to them. These natives would make life better for a positive and optimistic outlook. Though sometimes optimism can be little blind to reality and also organization is not the forte for Mercury in Sagittarius people. When their clutter is unbearable, they are best at trashing or piling things, rather than push these into their rightful places. They have appreciation for room, or at least an illusion of space and when they are working, studying or thinking. So they have an alright office from a first glance. While you open a drawer, closet you might find it is bursting into seams.

One cannot help to admire their enthusiasm. At their worst, they would take to preaching instead of doing conversations. This is not exactly intentional but can get these natives into all kinds of trouble even then. A good debate is hard for people with this position to pass up. Mercury in Sagittarius natives individuals find themselves to be open minded and are in spots, though they can come across as moralistic folks too. They would definitely be first to spot bias in everyone else’s communication though they can little blind to their own. These individuals are not always best listeners and not adept with picking up subtleties in conversations. Bluntness of speech is trademark of Mercury in Sagittarius people. Also, they easily get impatient from seeing indirectness and people who beat around the bush, neglecting main aspects. This in fact would baffle them. So much so, that it can make them pissed off, for a little time. While playing mind games with them, you can easily get through with them or under their skin. They would not always pick up on game playing first, though when they do they would not be amused. When they are not fired up of some issue then they come across as fun loving. They would love to laugh and it is usually easy to get them giggling.


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