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Career Astrology : Mercury in 8th house

Career Astrology : Narayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that Mercury in 8th Bhava makes one longlived. Such a natives may have wide name and fame. He may earn much wealth from the govt. or through trade and business. Jaya Deva also says that Mercury in 8th Bhava may make one famous and endowed with the favour of the govt.

Astrology for Mercury in 8th house
Mercury planet is a benefic presence with bestowing of intellect and sharp mindedness to individuals. People born under this placement of Mercury planet would have pleasant impact from the 8th house with unique attributes for person.

This position of Mercury planet is one of the truly positive placements in horoscope chart which expresses goodness at the whole. Natives of placement of Mercury in 8th house would be more analytical with vision and seek perceiving till depth of every aspect they would come across. People who are born within this position of Mercury planet have immense curiosity with sharp mind which allows seeing vivid pictures lurking behind their vein. Altogether, they are inclined to investigation, mysteries and deep researches in their life.

People with Mercury in 8th house possess sincere approach towards life and would seek attaining all the hidden truths. Natives with placement of Mercury in 8th house carries philosophical and spiritual blend at core and would emerge truly learned people in the latter years of their life. These individuals bring about true solutions from complex pictures while becoming makers of strong strategies as they would not miss out even a single thread. People with Mercury in 8th house have great potency inside while being effective and dominating with their presence.

Natives individuals with Mercury in 8th house carry meaning and reason of every word said and with every step taken. The malefic and bad influence of the planet would reduce to good extent if it gets placed with male planet in 8th house. This impact of planet brings some hardship to native’s life path as they would need to go through various difficulties besides which some diseases would also be present. During age 32 – 34 years there would be some lowering of wealth for individuals. If there is any malefic planet in 2nd house then it would enhance the effects of Mercury. With the placement of Rahu in 8th house with Mercury would lead a person to jail or hospital or make them wander unworthily.

Placement of Mars in same house would also easily worsen their position. Malefic effects of Mercury in 8th house would comprise problems of eye, vein, blood and tooth diseases along with financial and professional losses. These natives should bury an earthen pot filled with honey in a cremated or deserted place, they should also place container filled with milk or rain water upon roof of house. The natives with Mercury in 8th house would need to ordain daughter with ring in the nose.

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