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Career Astrology : Mercury in 7th house

Career Astrology : Narayan Bhatt says that combust Mercury in 7th Bhava may make one very rich in trade, business or profession. A combust Mercury may give lesser wealth. Parashar says that Mercury in 7th Bhava may cause defeat in competition and contest. Mantreshwar says that it may give wealth through marriage.

Astrology of Mercury in 7th house
Mercury is a planet which provides a great depth with efficiency. With Mercury in 7th house it brings all shades of planet to native’s life. The natives is truly serious and devoted to relationships in their life. Natives of this placement of Mercury would carry good eloquent speech with a truly expressive personality for which they make vivid and clear relations upon the nation’s land with especially made stronger bonds.

Natives are highly proficient with public relations, sales, marketing and law. These individuals are often quiet practical in maintaining strength and understanding of relationships in which they require intellectual wise partner for leading a peaceful and blissful life. These individuals natives having Mercury in 7th house would over analyze their relationships or marriage as well. They would need to understand relationships are a matter of time being a natural process not exactly the business of strategies.

Apart from this natives are quietly inflexible of others opinion for which they were quietly adaptable with thoughts and need to understand oppositions instead of avoiding them. This placing of Mercury in 7th house would definitely make  natives truly beneficial for people close to him or her while female natives would be more fortunate as they are born under this placement of Mercury.

The individuals is born very highly expressive and could win world with their words. This placing of Mercury would make individuals truly benefitted from this side of the spouse’s sister. Besides placement of Moon in 1st house which would bring them positive results, while placement of Saturn in 3rd house would make their spouse’s family richer from this placing. Natives with Mercury in 7th house should avoid business in any kind of partnerships as they would face losses from their sensitive core. These individuals should avoid speculations and stay away from their sister-in-law if she has a spoilt character.

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