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Home Career Astrology : Mercury In Gemini

Career Astrology : Mercury in gemini

Career Astrology : Mercury occupies in Gemini makes one a good speaker a Capable writer, Learned in any branch of knowledge, honoured by people famous in profession and wealthy too.

Astrology of Mercury in Gemini
With the position of Mercury planet in the sun sign of Gemini there are lots of benefic influences for natives. Individuals born under this position of planets in horoscope would find many advantages.

Mercury in Gemini people are quick witted. They would be somewhat scattered but mainly due to their eclectic form of interests. They appear to know a little about everything. People would look up to them for facts and figures as also knowledge. Their learning is little superficial and have too many interests to delve deeply in any one. These individuals learn their best in a stimulating environment. They would get bored easily as they are very fast learners. Mercury in Gemini naives are impressionable to a fault, in that they pick up more from environment than most other people. They have this quality of processing information at lightning speed! Restlessness of Gemini is obvious when Mercury is placed in the sign.

They have a nervous energy which is unmistakable. Gemini people are rather open-minded which becomes a bias to logic. Unless the planet Mercury forms an aspect with Moon in birth chart, these natives would not always rely on their intuition. Also they would not take account of world of emotions in their decision making processes. This way they also look as little too intellectual or just plain logical.  Sometimes the lack of heart behind what they say or think is too frustrating to other personal communicating people. Mercury in Gemini people are generally more interested in things as well as interesting speakers, who are quite detached in what they do. They can easily discard or ignore the more important personal issues.

They generally do not get attached to opinions and ideas for too long, the result is a changeability and coolness which is more frustrating to other people. On the other hand, with an innate curiosity and specific willingness to adapt to environment around them, it often endears them to other people. Since they have versatile minds you would not have much problem convincing them to change their minds.

Mercury in Gemini people are smooth talkers even a little deceptive and this is generally not with cruel intent. This is usually with a sense of humor. It is more of a mental exercise than anything else. They can quickly sport human weaknesses and play around with them. Decision making is also done very quickly and well. They would have more fun with words, are good on phone and make engaging speakers. As they communicate with a strong sense of fun, they can be speaking to all people from all walks of life with equanimity or equal ease. Mercury in Gemini people often possess presence of mind which generally impresses individuals with their wit. It is certainly unlikely if they were to bore other people around them.


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