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Mercury in libra

Career Astrology : Mercury occupies in Libra makes one a shilpi or a technician or an Engineer. Such a natives may do well in trade and commerce including foreign trade and business. As a doctor such a natives may be skilled in cure of diseases in various ways.

Astrological predictions for Mercury in Libra

Predicting astrological horoscope with Mercury in Libra sign is a benefic with many influences. Mercury in Libra sign can be a great impact for individuals born with this placement of planet Mercury.

Libra communicators are very pleasing people. Diplomacy is a natural talent with these natives. At the least they would take pains to be diplomatic. Mercury in Libra people work for quality in intellectual world. Their views of mental affinity are one of the most powerful themes in any relationship to have. If these people are not getting it they should look within themselves for answers. Perhaps they would be trying too hard to score intellectual points with partners instead of truly listening to what they are saying. These natives tend to be always fair in any discussion though their constant comparisons seem unfair. Libra people can go off on many tangents, and while offering excessive disclaimers for any opinion presented that this ends up all over the place.

If you think Virgo is critical and perfectionist, spend more time with Mercury in Libra individuals. These natives cannot quite help themselves. But since they always aim to be kind and fair they would employ tact to get their message across. These individuals are having an unassuming manner and handle people with care. They express others faults gently and consciously tend to other people’s comfort levels. There is story of an accountant I know who pointed out the problem in office in unassuming manner. So Mercury in Libra people look for a compromise. Middle ground is highly sought after. In fact these people are extraordinarily comfortable with all extremes of opinion. Which makes them excellent counselors and go betweens but it also gives rise to plenty of indecision of personal lives. In their desire to find best, fairest and most just choice they would swing from pro to com, and back to pro though we could not forget how another con to balance pro. This can be dizzying for others to observe. This they simply cannot help but see the other side. A maddening characteristic which leading to a strange paradox which is incapable of giving a compliment. After all complimenting is essentially drawing for conclusion, or forming an opinion.

This paradox of Libra is charming though give them a little time with something and they have a hard time arriving at a good conclusion. Their ability of thinking with abstract is a good measure of objectivity. People like these have subtle intelligence. Their thoughts are generally dominated from relative thinking which simply could not seem to evaluate environment without comparing one thing with another. This contributes to a refined taste. Mercury in Libra are generally good of making connections with others though remember that these people have a lazy sign and for these people it means mental laziness. This prevents them from following and maintaining connections. Mercury in Libra people hate being thought of as a bad guy and end up trying to make all too many people happy. They turn to other people opinion for decisions. They would play the devil advocate far too often.  Many times they truly believe side is simply engaging in intellectual arguments. They are wise to look inside themselves to really feel every now and then, and might be losing themselves in argument and supporting sides.


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