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Career Astrology : Mercury in 6th house

Career Astrology : There are conflicting views about professional effects of Mercury in 6th Bhava. Bhrigu says that Mercury in 6th Bhava may confer favour and patronage of the govt. It may give some govt. jobs of a prestigious nature at about 30th years of age. The natives may be an author or a scholar.

Astrology of Mercury in 6th house
Mercury is in the benefic planet which has great presence and impact to an individuals. In the 6th house of horoscope chart, the placement of Mercury makes a person very strong with mental composure. This individuals could be soft from their core while they carry firmness of approach especially at their work place.

Natives with the placement of Mercury in 6th house are more precise and well organized in their work with a strong intellect which can accomplish specialized tasks very well. Besides these individuals are exceedingly concerned with their work and responsibilities. They are also very critical of work and workplace. These people never miss a chance of helping others. In attitude, they are naturally helpful.

Individuals with Mercury in 6th house, lack flexibility and are quietly strict with work at which they do not share numerous pleasing relations around which they are admired by their superiors. They would easily go to lowest possible depth and come out with pearls from their work. These individuals are people who get prone to worries which easily arise from workplace. They would necessarily overcome health problems while having nervous problems and also body aches. Natives with Mercury in 6th house would confront more problems at educational and professional path though their inclination of learning and hard work leads them to greater success in their life. Natives individuals are believed to receive benefits of agricultural land, stationery, trading and printing press. These individuals should not live in a north facing house and should lead or organize daughter’s marriage in north direction which would bless her with happiness for life.  Also they need to bury a bottle filled with Ganga water into agricultural land and should make their spouse wear a silver ring of left hand. Natives of the Mercury in 6th house should begin all their important and auspicious works in presence of daughter and with flowers in their hands.

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