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Home Career Astrology : Mercury In 9th House

Career Astrology : Mercury in 9th house

Career Astrology : Narayan Bhatt says that Mercury in 9th Bhava makes one endowed with power and position like a king, Jeevanath Jha says that it may make one rich, learned, a lamp of the family and even more powerful than a ruler. Varaha Mihira says that it makes one happy and rich. Kashinath says that such a natives may do well as a development officer of various schemes of public welfare.

Astrology for Mercury in 9th house
Mercury planet or Budh is a well defined benefic presence which is a celestial expression of intellect. This leads to success besides, placement of Mercury in 9th house also bestows curiosity to individuals so as to acquire all possible knowledge which would be present around even if much effort would be required for same.

Natives of this placement having Mercury in 9th house are perceived to have attained great heights in path of education and learning while they are much involved in arenas of study which require in depth studies. Natives who have Mercury in 9th house can be found in enclosure of philosophy, religion, law, publishing and education. Individuals who have this placement of Mercury would have special attributes of writing and teaching in which they would excel. These natives are inclined to exploring new arenas due to their insatiable hunger for knowledge. They would also be more proficient or known in many other languages and cultures.

Natives with Mercury in 9th house are born with skills of great eloquence at speaking or as orator with effective presence which leaves great influences behind. Lively individuals these people possess vigorous personality while being proficient in bringing out solutions. Individuals can be found near their sharing of ideas with philosophies to people as they would love to share and learn. Inimical relations between Lord of 9th house, i.e. Jupiter and Mercury would bring adverse impacts. This leads to defamations and restlessness to individuals in this life path. Also the placement of Moon, Ketu and Jupiter in 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 11th house brings about malefic impacts from Mercury in 9th house. Natives with Mercury in 9th house have to stay away from green color in every possible way and should never take any tabeez from sadhu or fakir. They should necessarily have completed a piercing of nose. These natives should offer an earthen pot filled with mushrooms to any sacred or religious place.

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