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Mercury in leo

Career Astrology : Mercury occupies in Leo makes one rich in any profession. Services may suit natives better than other kinds of profession.

Astrology of Mercury in Leo
Mercury planet is a benefic impact on astrological predictions for individuals. Position of Mercury in Leo is high influenced for subtle effects of positive nature relating to creativity.

Mercury in Leo individuals speak with authority. Some of these individuals are know-it-alls though others are more mature ones who speak with style. Natives would expect others to know about their presence of mind with their know-how. Mercury in Leo people are adept with the seeing of big picture though it is sometimes at cost of ignoring details. While being generally skilled at the art of persuading others, they might win well over other people with their logic or wit. While, Mercury in Leo people would definitely win over other people with their warmth and goodwill. These individuals are excellent at helping promote ideas to get their message across usually.

These natives are attached to opinions, take pride in beliefs which are often idealistic. With a high capability caliber, on intellectual level, they especially desire of self expression. For Mercury in Leo people creativity is more important. They need to present themselves with certain flair using drama. They are passionate and enthusiastic speakers, who get their message across with some zeal. Mercury in Leo people have a developed or more sophisticated manner of presenting ideas or thoughts while possessing admirable style and warmth.

Depending on confidence level of the individuals within this placement of Mercury, it is stubbornness in face of criticism or over sensitivity to anything less than acclaim or praise being present. Instead, whatever the reactions Mercury in Leo natives would have, these natives could be easily more mentally arrogant. Mercury in its nature of detachment and reasonability could also look egoistic. This comes into play very strongly when it is about intellectual analysis. While for some, the ability of separating fact from fiction can be impaired, for others boasting could be a problem. The best way of handling this position is to find self expression for some creative field. Mercury in Leo individuals are thoroughly magnificent story tellers, mainly since they have a wonderful sense of drama. They would often speak and write with their heart.


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