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Career Astrology : Mercury in 1st house

Career Astrology :  Mercury in the 1st Bhava may make one learned. Such a natives may be on a touring job. He may be a consultants or a technician or an adviser. He may be a warrior or a logician or a lawyer or a mathematician. Jageshwar says that it may make one a shilpi or a technician. Sphuji Dhwaja says that it may make one learned and skilled in the arts.

Mercury in 1st house
Mercury is a stellar planet with a supreme benefic influence. This position of Mercury bestows person with many good qualities for leading a satisfactory life upon country or land. Mercury is a powerful impact upon the individuals.

When Mercury in 1st house or ascendant, then it is a divine giver of intellectual abilities and knowledge besides which it also provides charm and a vivacious blend to person. This includes creativity within their approach. Natives individuals have Mercury in 1st house or ascendant then they are likely to be more friendly and pleasant about their attitude. These individuals would be liked by many people around them for charming presence. They are stronger with their minds which would have true understanding with clear vision of life, leaving behind marks on their life path.

These people who have Mercury in 1st house carry exceptional manners and while paying respect they get to be perceived souls wiser with time. On the other hand, these individuals would also keep their environment interesting being versatile, changeable and powerful adaptable personalities. Individuals with Mercury in 1st house get blessed with good eloquent nature of speaking. They are straight forward while being true to words making them highly critical at other times. Natives would appreciate high and criticize worst equally expressing sometimes their true opinions. This is partly due to fact that they seek perfection for everything they do as they are born perfectionists.

Natives with Mercury in 1st house are truly intellectual persons while being deep learners seeking learning throughout life. Going into depth of every subject while holding special interests in research and allied aspects of these studies, natives are restless in their approach though they have good endurance. These individuals are endowed with creative and artistic skills in art, music, writing and other creative fields. On the other part, these individuals with Mercury in 1st house are also spiritual beings not amongst those who would pursue all perceived rituals with deep sense of practicality as well. In end these individuals are sincere and responsible beings who are believed to spend satisfactory and long life as well.

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