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Career Astrology : Mercury in 11th house

Career Astrology : Sage Bhrigu says that Mercury in 11th Bhava is normally beneficial. It makes one earn through Shilpa or artisanship or technology or writing work or writing test, trade  and business in several ways. It may give rise in fortune or give property only after attaining the age of 19th year. Mercury in Gemini or Virgo or in Conjunction with benefics may give income through fair means.

Astrology for Mercury in 11th house
Mercury in 11th house is a positive presence in astrological arena which brings pleasant impacts for natives life. The presence of Mercury planet in this position beings an intellectual and friendly blend upon the social and professional life of the natives.

Individuals who are born in the Mercury in 11th house carry a very friendly approach with the world for which they various relations around them. Besides this they are endowed with various ideas which they share around them and communicate with every people well. These people are free minded people who develop social relations till the unconfined extent. They would possess a strong presence within the social sphere of world though they would get betrayed from some people as they remain selfless, making them easily gullible at the hands of other people.

Individuals with Mercury in 11th house would carry an intellectual approach and they are fully practically aware of the world. Besides this they have real aspirations, they would rarely have any ‘dreamy’ wishes while they know their path well ahead. With an intelligent understanding and knowledge taking them onwards to good heights of social and professional arena. These people would attain good wealth which they would have as their worth. Natives with Mercury in 11th house are blessed with good children who do really good in studies and easily get married in wealthy and noble families.

Placement of the planet Mercury in 11th house does not develop a pleasant presence as it is enemy of Jupiter for which this placement brings some adverse impacts to natives. Nearing the   34 years age, this natives would have foolish pursuits, for which there are losses in wealth and position leading to lack of peace and harmony. Within this age, natives would have Budh in 11th house and need to wear copper coin in their neck in white thread or silver chain. They should avoid green color and green colored gem which is emerald. These natives individuals should not keep their widow’s sister or father’s sister within the premises of house. They should never accept a beez from any sage or fakir.

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