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Career Astrology : Mercury in 3rd house

Career Astrology : Native born in the night do have Mercury in 3rd Bhava. As Mercury in 3rd Bhava will be aspecting 9th Bhava, it may have impacts on destiny of the native. Sage Bhrigu says that Mercury in 3rd Bhava assures of a happy and bright future, making one rich and long-lived only when the lord of the 3rd Bhava be strong and well-placed.

Mercury in 3rd house of natives
Position of Mercury or Budh in the 3rd house of natives is perceived as divine provider of wisdom. It is a benefic position to the individuals born under this astrological impact of Mercury. The people with this position of Mercury in their astrological birth horoscope would provide an active mind to individuals with a limited valor and courage.

Natives with Mercury in 3rd house are perceived to be cautious and careful with their attitude while carrying serious approach to their life. Arrival of planet Mercury in 3rd house of the individuals further strengthens core aspect of house for which the natives would possess witty, intellectual and clever composure of mind which remains active and also possesses versatile attributes.

Natives born with Mercury in 3rd house have curious mind to know, understand and learn almost about everything. Individuals who have Mercury in 3rd house position are effectively practical in their approach to life which makes them stable with their mind. Though these natives would be not one of aggressive hastier personalities, they would essentially be quiet serious in their attitude towards life. Individuals with this position of Mercury are likely to have female siblings. Male siblings could also be there, due to influence of other planets on third house while this is also true if the 3rd house lord is a male planet.

Arrival of Mercury planet in the 3rd house would bring benefits from siblings but individuals would not have beneficial effects for them due to this new placement of Budh in the 3rd house. As per the planetary positions of 9th and 11th house the Mercury would also indeed affect the financial stature of the father. These natives from Mercury in 3rd house should donate goats and feed birds for reducing the malefic effects of the placement. They should not reside in house facing towards the south directions. Individuals from this position of Mercury should clean their teeth with alum everyday and donate medicines of asthma to the needy individuals.

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