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Career Astrology : Mercury in cancer

Career Astrology : Mercury occupies in Cancer makes one very learned. Such a natives nay travel aborad or may be on a touring job. He takes interest in the running of the government or in control and administration of any job. He may settle abroad.

Astrology predictions of Mercury in Cancer
Mercury is a benefic planet which bestows many impacts and influence on the natives. Individuals born with this planet in their Sun sign are benefitted. These individuals are good with communicating their feeling with sensitivity and a thoughtful nature.

The natives with Mercury as only personal planet in Cancer in their birth chart would be more personal and sensitive than they actually are. No matter how free spirited the rest of natal chart is, Mercury in Cancer people could be subjective and personal or they would opt not to talk at all. While they are slow to respond, they generally give impression which is they are deep thinkers. This implies that they are just that. While it is a meditative and reflective sign for cancer, Mercury in cancer people are many ways faster with forming opinions and making decisions than what they would appear. They listen very well to others which imply that speed is not obvious. Mercury in Cancer individuals would remember almost about anything. Memory is a bit skewed in direction of emotion. As truth is, these people do remember the mood surrounding all moments in their memory. This is so since they would ‘feel you out’, when you would be talking to them. Words are unimportant as emotions stay behind them.

The cancer people are generally intuitive, gentle and sentimental. Sometimes as they would clearly appear defensive, they could take things quite personally. These natives would make you feel warm and protected. Sometimes it is their voice and often it seems to be the message they are giving. Other times cancer people can be hideous with something which can get them into more trouble. They retain a lot of information, and learn best when they feel emotionally balanced. Natives of Mercury in cancer approach problems in a step-by-step manner feeling out an answer and focus their concentration on subjects. This gives them a rhythm and beat. These individuals of cancer seem to have feelers. They would pick up people’s emotions in conversations. Of all the signs these people are the best listeners. In fact, this is extraordinarily easy for them to get lost in other person expression and opinion. They would look as if to have lost their own opinions and completely step into other person’s shoes. They come up with information and from an outstanding memory while others may have forgotten.

Mercury in cancer natives are inclined to avoid arguments. Though without any mistake they would provoke arguments easily. While in subtle manner, they also get hurt when other people argue with them. Mercury in Cancer people get attracted to art activities of poetry, archaic language, expressions of yesteryear and the like. As they are aware of other people’s emotions, they are also somewhat of diplomatic relations with people. They would need to step away from others and be alone with themselves to explore all that is absorbed.

Natives with Mercury in Cancer would ask for time to stew over new information. Being impressionable the smarter ones would know about it. They easily escape discrimination by withdrawing into themselves. They do get frustrated with facts only thinking processes. They would dislike distractions when talking or thinking. They would also need to get their attention to matter in hand to come up with solutions. Mercury in Cancer people are effective speakers and writers, especially if they have sun in Leo or Gemini signs. They are able to present things concisely and powerfully. If your Mercury is in Aries or Libra you might find some conversations with these natives frustrating. Aries communicators get impatient with Cancer slowness and indirect communications. Libra communicators wonder why cancer seems to personalize in appearing with a funnel vision. Cancer communicators usually prefer to speak of the present matter, you and them and not rest of world as Libra does.


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