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Career Astrology : Mercury in 4th house

Career Astrology : Narayan Bhatt says that  Mercury in the 4th Bhava may make one a special offer of the Govt. or some public bodies. He may be a writer or an author himself or he may dictate his words to others. Jeevanath Jha says that Mercury in the 4th Bhava makes one a govt. official or an equivalent to that.

Mercury in 4th house astrology
Mercury position and placement in astrological birth horoscope signifies the benefic effect of the planet. Generally the individuals are bestowed with intellect and wisdom. Mercury in 4th house keeps the person emotionally attached to their belongings with special attachments to home and family. Natives would always stay involved in family matters while also being devoted to home. They would have strong affinity to their family members.

Natives with Mercury in 4th house are believed to carry their family tradition and values throughout their lives for being deep believers of them. These natives would remain firm on their value system despite of coming hurdles and bigger obstacles. Mercury in 4th house brings them a life holding higher value in travels due to various reasons. Whenever they would get a chance they would keep vivacious and benefic enjoyable environment at home. While natives individuals would have Mercury in 4th house this leads to a peaceful and blissful enclosure at their home.

People of this position of Mercury would take time to adapt to the changing environments. Natives with Mercury in 4th house do not either seem to be restful and also are not much stable and firm while standing in middle of this meter. The natives individuals from the Mercury in 4th house are believed to be closer to mother while she has a deep impact on their lives. They would attain great many favors from the land’s government.

Natives of this placement of Mercury in 4th house need to put special kesar mark regularly over their head for next 43 days in continuity. They should serve monkeys with jaggery for positive and benefic impact of Mercury. They need to wear a golden chain for attaining good affluence and also wear a silver chain for mental peace.

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