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Mercury in scorpio

Career Astrology : Mercury occupies in Scorpio makes greedy. Such a natives may have the temptation to grab or steal away the things of others. He may like to have the company of evil person and may also indulge in condemnable activities or he may be engaged in anti social and criminal activities.

Astrology for the Mercury in Scorpio
Astrological prediction’s for the individuals born under the Mercury in Scorpio sign are benefic and impactful. Position of Mercury is extremely influencing and greatly benefic in this position or placement for Scorpio.

Astrological placement for Mercury in Scorpio makes individuals on an eternal quest to get to heart of any matter. This would make appear anything requiring thought with every conversation that they would have. As if totally fearless of delving into depths that nobody else would want or even thinks to explore the natives are adept at learning from source with core of problem or the issue. These individuals are blessed or cursed with the observation skills of surveillance camera seeming to just see all and know all. Sometimes these individuals could be quite dark of their tendency to focus on false in order to get to the truth. These people would hate superficiality.

They come across as suspicious and could annoy others and more optimistic people through their negative take on things. Scorpio communicators are really passionate of speech sometimes even with lecturing. Though one need to remember these individuals are just as passionate of giving real advice and help. They would be willing to let anybody in to few of their secrets regarding other person that is not themselves. The truth is they have observed things that many have not. If their observations seem a little bit skewed towards negative try to overlook it. You might get to know that they have given you some of the best advice around. They are at their best when they are talking about things which they are not personally involved with.

That is about when these individuals get shrewd with judgment and it shines. It is when these natives get personally involved that they get clouded over with judgment. They have an intelligence which is absolutely instinctive. Strategies are their specialty. With an idea of constructive criticism, this is often interpreted to mean destructive criticism, depending on their audience. Therefore it can be very hard to win any new arguments or debate with Mercury in Scorpio. These individuals get absolutely driven to win, not just for sake of scoring intellectual points, though to simply come out through as the topper in general. Besides this, it is hard to deny that they have a thinking which is really quite lucid at least in presentation. You would be gritting teeth, but it will be hard not to concede. They would be staunchly supportive and defensive to anyone they are caring about. And with energy in their speech they can be motivating.

You might walk away from Mercury in Scorpio natives which is after giving an impassioned speech saying ‘whew’, though generally you received an awesome pep talk, if they like you. The pep talk might have been at someone’s expense however. Scorpios take on people is often to do with motivations. Often then these people are motivated by jealousy. These people would know if they are also from Scorpio sun or Venus Scorpio, because they would have lived it. Being naturally suspicious expect some bad intentions first. Mercury in Scorpio people love intrigue, mystery and hidden movies. If they would not channel interest into mental pursuits, they can also end up creating their own mysteries. Other people might start wondering if these guys are paranoid, while Mercury in Scorpio people would love almost anything that challenges the brain and are often interested in what makes people tick.


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