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Career Astrology : Mercury in 2nd house

Career Astrology : Bhrigu says that Mercury in 2nd Bhava makes one a multimilionaries. Such a native is meritorious or skilled in shastras. If such Mercury is conbined with or aspected by benefics, it may make one very studious. Jupiter by joining or aspecting such Mercury may make one a mathematician or a scholar.

Astrology of Mercury in 2nd house
Mercury is a divine benefic and powerful influence on the natives. People born under this position of Mercury in 2nd house are blessed indeed. It is the divine giver of intellect and logical mind which makes individuals strong at intelligence. It also bestows philosophical and spiritual blend to mind.

Mercury in 2nd house is an explicit expression of benign practical vision to the individuals. The natives of this placement of Mercury or Budh in 2nd house are efficient enough to leave marks behind in life path of individuals. These natives have to pursue a logical and practical path in money making with utmost sincerity and honesty. They would be truly concerned of financial aspects of matters though they would also spend money lavishly as they need more comforts in their life ahead.

These individuals having Mercury in 2nd house are blessed with ideas of money making for which they are efficient financial planners by their very nature making them not lacking any affluence in their life. Natives with this position of Mercury are endowed with supreme eloquence as they would influence other people with oratory skills while using words which express their intelligence and wise nature. This makes them get and receive admiration from their immediate surroundings. While being philosophical in attitude they could make good preachers as well.

Natives individuals would have high convincing skills while having Mercury in 2nd house. They would often have a generally sweet voice and can convince almost anybody with the use of ideas. They make up as expert negotiators using diplomatic skills to best high advantage. Individuals who would have Mercury in 2nd house have multi tasking skills of high quality at the  same time. Being quick learners they would process knowledge of getting into things with a fast manner.

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