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  • Health Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2017-03-10: 12:57 am IST

    Astrology Remedies for Good Health Based on Date of Birth

    Good health is the sign of a prospering life, no matter what you do and where you are, it is utmost important to be well maintained. Health astrology has forecasted for all signs - which will guide you to maintain a good health..... read more

  • Health Dr. Meghna Sharma 2015-03-25: 10:26 pm IST

    Health Horoscope: 5 Methods To Enhance Work and Memory

    When it comes to remedies, the best way for enhancing concentration power and memory, is by practising meditation. Practicing meditation has been there for ages and is also called Candle Flame Gazing (CFG). In is called Tratak in our Indian system. This is quite a simple yet effective way of improving concentration and enhancing brain power. It works by soothing our subconscious mind and making our stressed nerves calm. By calming down the nerves, it brings upon inner peace and wisdom too..... read more

  • Health Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-03-25: 10:32 pm IST

    The Sexual Incompetence of the conjugal relationship

    There are many aspects of the relation that exists between a couple. With life becoming more and more open to new ideas and concepts, things that were previously considered to be taboo are now being openly addressed. The sexual aspect of the conjugal relationship between a man and a woman cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, sex is the origin of life and the main purpose of existence of the organisms in this world. Hence, Sexual Incompetence among partners can not only render the relationship.... read more

  • Health Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2016-01-18: 11:24 pm IST

    Predicting Health with Vedic Astrology

    Health is an asset for all. Everyone loves to lead a healthy life. But there might be issues like falling sick frequently and so on. It may happen for yourself or for any of your family members or your close friends. .... read more

  • Health Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-03-25: 11:10 pm IST

    Medical astrology diagnose health diseases from Signs

    The field of astrology is a very advantageous aspect in our life. By carrying out the proper calculations, we are able to know about the possible genders of our lives and taken precautions accordingly. It is obvious that without health, you cannot enjoy your luxurious life. Therefore .... read more

  • Health Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-03-25: 11:15 pm IST

    Your Planets Out of Alignment

    t is important to know about the positions of the planets of your zodiac sign. If the planets are out of the alignment, then your health is going to be at stake too. The aspect of health astrology is a vast subject and one can predict health easily just by the knowledge of the proper  .... read more