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Medical astrology diagnose health diseases from Signs

Medical astrology diagnose health diseases from Signs

Health Astrology
The field of astrology is a very advantageous aspect in our life. By carrying out the proper calculations, we are able to know about the possible genders of our lives and taken precautions accordingly. It is obvious that without health, you cannot enjoy your luxurious life. Therefore, it is important to have a cure for your sickness by predicting your health more easily. We can engage ourselves into health prediction by the help of astrology. And not only the prediction, we can also diagnose the diseases way before they take shape in our body. It helps in taking the required measures within the time.
When can a Disease be Expected
There are various situations where you can expect a disease to occur in your body. When a planet gets to receive bad aspects such as opposition of 180 degrees and the square of 90 degrees, you can expect health prediction to have a negative impact in your body. Also, when the bad planets and the bad houses are associated in terms of position, things are not going to happen very safely. Even, while the bad planets are occupying the signs and the ascendant, you must take care of your health. Following these situations in the health horoscope calculations, you can identify your health danger's way before they can actually happen. Now, you must be wondering which are the bad houses and the bad planets. Let us see which are the ones.
The Bad Houses and the Bad Planets
According to health horoscope, the bad planets are the Mars, Saturn, Kethu, Rahu, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. And the bad houses are the 6th house, 8th house and the 12th house. The houses are the places of disease, longevity and death consecutively. The bad planets occupying the signs such as Pisces, Virgo and Scorpion is not a good sign for health. The bad planets can also occupy the ascendant, which are the places for body, soul and mind, again a bad sign. When the Sun, Moon and the ascendant afflicted, the prediction of death is possible.
How to Predict and Diagnose
In order to know how to predict health and diagnose the same with the help of health astrology, it is important to know about the elements associated with. And the next step is to know about the calculation methods regarding he elements. Now, what are these elements? These are the planets and the houses once again. It is highly important to know about what are the signs that are related to each and every house. Also, gathering knowledge on how the planets are affecting different areas of health can help you predict and diagnose health.
Other Info
In order to find out the details of health astrology and its calculating methods, you can carry out a web research or follow the books written by the specialist astrologers. Do not escape the diseases in horoscope. Well sometimes, the movements of the planets change and so the predictions may not come true. But it is difficult to predict when the planet movements are going against the predictions. Therefore, it is important to have the possible precautions and not always rely on the optimistic hopes. It is so because enjoying the optimism is not an issue, but experiencing the negatives are.
Summing Up
You can always go through the web articles in order to find out the cures for the diseases in horoscope. Availing the reliable gems can contribute a lot for gaining your fitness. At the same time, you must be careful of the spamming activities and have a thorough check on the web reviews of the service providers. 

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