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Your Planets Out of Alignment

Your Planets Out of Alignment

Health Astrology
It is important to know about the positions of the planets of your zodiac sign. If the planets are out of the alignment, then your health is going to be at stake too. The aspect of health astrology is a vast subject and one can predict health easily just by the knowledge of the proper techniques of calculation. In order to know about how to process health prediction easily, it is essential to have knowledge which planet and sign is associated with which body function or body part. Let us first have a look at the signs.
The Astrological Sings correlating with respective Body Parts
To start with, Aries is associated with the head of the body. Then, Taurus goes with the neck and the throat. Next, Gemini is associated with the shoulders, arms, hands, and the lungs of your body. Cancer checks out the chest cavity and the breasts. Leo covers up the back and the heart. Virgo is involved with the digestive parts and the abdomen. Libra is correlated to lumbar and kidneys. Scorpio rules the genitals. Sagittarius goes with the thighs and the hips. Capricorn governs over the knees, the skin, and the bone. Aquarius influences the ankles and the calves. And finally, Pisces includes the toes and the feet. Now that you have acquired the knowledge on the signs, let us find out what the planets have in store for us.
The Planets representing Body Function
Not only the body function, the position of each and every planet talks a lot about the possibility of the diseases in horoscope as well. The Sun involves, energy, vitality and heart beats. The Moon is associated with the absorption, the brain and the food sensitivities. Mercury follows the comprehension, expression, cognition and the neurology. Venus checks out the veins, glands, kidneys, sugar levels and ovaries. Mars covers up the muscles, blood, inflammation and the stress levels. Jupiter has a check on the excess, liver and the fat. Saturn is redirected to skin, structure, bones, atrophying and hardening. Uranus deals with the nerves and the spasms. Neptune covers deficiency, allergies, lymphatic system and addiction. Pluto rules birth, death and regeneration.
The Techniques
After learning about the behaviors of the signs and the planets, it is time to understand the basic rules and regulations of the health horoscope. This will help you to determine whether the planets are out of the alignment or not. The stress and health on every of the body function or part is determined by the relationships in between the planets. The 6th house of the health astrology chart relates with elimination and absorption. The aspects of the planets accordingly can show the conditions of health.
More Info
The progression of all the areas of life through the planet transits is tracked by the astrologers. They also track down the cycles that are calculated by the definite mathematical techniques. These techniques can be termed as the solar arc directions and the progressions. These help in the health prediction. In fact, these progressions are followed by the astrologers in order to understand the possibilities of the diseases in horoscope. This way, the whole aspect of the health horoscope is carried out for identifying whether the planets are out of the alignment and whether the health is in danger.
Wrapping Up
In order to conclude, it is always recommended by the specialists of the world to recognize the possibilities of health. This certainly contributes in the curing of the health quickly. Only gaining of adequate knowledge regarding astrology can do the tricks for understanding whether the planets are off alignment.

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