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Home Career Astrology : Sun In 12th House Or Sun In Twelfth House

Career Astrology : Sun in 12th house or Sun in twelfth house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in 12th house may cause misuse of wealth or loss of wealth. It makes one desert one’s native place and settle abroad for one’s livelihood. Mahesh says that the Sun in 12th house may make one a reformer or a revolutionary or even an anarchist. Khana says that it may make one a good worker. Sun in 12th house native are the seekers of truth and wish to live in an peacefull environment. They are not  friends with everyone but share a peaceful relationship with the society and at the workplace.

Sun has an ever green auspicious presence in celestial arena providing pleasing impact to native individual with good life path. Presence of Sun in 12th house brings good height to career with finances to person. There is always a benign balance between income and expenditure. By having the placement of Sun in the house, the individuals get to their career and finance best performance while living prosperous life as well. 


Individuals with horoscope having Sun in 12th house are reserved personalities who always need space to feel secure and stronger. These people are true seekers of peace who intend to live in harmonious environment. These people do not get along as friends to everyone though they would be sharing a peaceful bonding with society. In the professional field they are satisfied with solitude though they also believe in good relations without being social animals. Individuals with Sun in the 12th house are having great endeavor and work hard throughout their life path while on positive side they are recognized and admired for efforts and services.


Individuals carry a leadership approach with their personality in whichever field they stand out. Sun in the 12th house bestows strong understanding and perception of depth in many worthy aspects. They look forward to reaching intellectual and wisdom of heights rather than just craving to center stage or with lights around them. With a calm appearance they do not let real core come out in public or stay in front of which only rare people are aware of real aspect.


Placement of ketu in 2nd house beings goddess of wealth with family life to individual,  placement of Venus and mercury together in 2nd house brings admirable height of success in both business and finance. A malefic placement of Sun in 12th house brings financial losses and bitter relations with authority people along with unstable and depressive life path. Any malefic placement of ascendant results in lack of peace from individual life as they are unable to have peaceful sleep.


Native individuals under Sun in 12th house always possess a courtyard in their house stay true and pure in core throughout a life path. He or she is having Sun in the 12th house must be involved in spiritual aspects learning to forgive others even to enemies as that would benefit them. They can keep a chakki in the house for benefic reasons.

Having Sun in the 12th house is an auspicious sign for individual. He or she is destined to great glory and development in their career with sound prosperity through their life path which they undertake with responsibility. By studying these aspects of astrology in the horoscope for individual many aspects of personality, future, and events can be told, while individual can benefit from use of such information.

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