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Career Astrology : Sun in Taurus

Career AstrologyIf the Sun in Taurus, the native may do well in dance, music, drama, film and other fine arts. Such a native is competent and practical in whatever job he may be.Sun in Taurus Native are hard-working, have comfort loving-nature, which makes them lazy. Sun in Taurus natives are sensual love  sex  and extends pleasures in all area of life.

Placement of Sun in sign of Taurus 
When Sun is in the sign of individual the horoscope shows astrological reading for benefic influence. Sun is a natural stellar influence which is advantageous for him/her. When the planet Sun in Taurus exerts its influence to individuals, they are dependable and show from habit than outright helpfulness. Taurus individuals are sensual people which includes sex though it extends to pleasures for all areas, food, blanket, rich colored aquariums, spring rain, pleasing melodies from stereo etc. Some people say they live through their senses more than other people. 

Sun in Taurus makes individual more stubborn than others as power of Sun is having an adverse impact. This makes them inflexible in attitude providing huge firmness to mind to succeed. Presence of Sun in Taurus brings about attributes of individual ever more loudly as this makes them inclined to worldly life of pleasures and comforts. Sun in Taurus makes them strong and ingenious to maintain their nature of hard working with steadfastness which is quick, dependable and steady effort with payoffs. 

Such individuals look into every aspect before joining any walk and ponder a lot before approaching which keeps them safer. Sun in Taurus induces some liveliness in their personalities which allows them some of valor and adventurous attitude. Security for these individuals is important as these people seek wealth and their definition of wealth is not exactly same as other signs though comfort is a driving force. 

With Sun in Taurus these individuals have only fair measure of tradition and steadiness in their makeup which keeps them rooted. They are in no rush into things which can be looking stubborn and frustrating to everyone around. Their possessiveness nature shows up in all areas of life. They like their own things, with an earthy kind of possessiveness which can be considered jealousy by people. Though they are rarely petty or jealous. 

With the Sun in Taurus these people separate work and leisure well. When they would work they work hard while when they play they would really play and relax as well. These individuals get to stick their ideas and things which is why there is reason why they get to be known for their stubbornness.


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