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Home Career Astrology : Sun In The 1st (first) House Or Ascendant

Career Astrology : Sun in the 1st (first) house or ascendant

Career Astrology : Bhrigu that the Sun in 1st House generally gives one shape intellect. It makes one brilliant. Such a native may go to distant lands or some foreign country for the sake of his livelihood. If the Sun be in its exalted sign, the native may earn good name and fame. 

Sun in the most important presence is also amongst the planets within the astrological arena. This is perceived as the king of solar system as it has held all celestial bodies around it and dominates over these. For many a similar reason Sun in the 1st house or ascendant would bestow some attributes to its individuals which would allow him to stay stronger. From the core there is a balanced composure of mind for the individual as he/she is dominating with an effective appearance. It carries the strength of leaving in it some marks behind. These people with Sun in the 1st house or ascendant are born to be leaders, though they need to stay away from overshadowing other kind of people. Sun is actually the King and mentor of all the planets. 

When it gets placed in first house or ascendant, it also provides wisdom and true knowledge to native besides which a person need only carry a positive attitude to life along with firmness of their approach. This person would then not let others affect their kind of approach. 

These natives with the Sun in their ascendant are fully mature people though they are more concerned regarding their presence. Besides this they can expect to be much more vigorous and a courageous personality that would make them exploring in nature, though they can be more snobbish at times. 

These natives with Sun in the 1st house or ascendant surely carry much more self belief allowing them to take care of good heights in their life and career if not letting them into over confidence. The positive impacts of Sun endows person from a clear vision of life. On the other hand, the individual from Sun in ascendant or first house can turn aggressive and stubborn with a tough heart though these individuals are naturally not evil or wicked though they know difference between right and wrong. 

They do believe in a higher moral path. This native with the Sun in the 1st house can attain a strong position in career from using their intellect and hard work. They are well suited for political career. Also they could have eye problems and might not hold long on their risk taking tende.


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