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Career Astrology : Sun in 6th house or sixth bhava

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in 6th house gives wealth and the prosperity. Yavanacharya says that it confers health, wealth and victory. Varaha Mihira says that it makesone strong and victorious. Kalyan Varma says that the Sun in 6th house may confer wealth, Power and fame. It may make one a ruler or a punishing official.The person having Sun in 6th house are  attached to material things which they have given importance at their work place and are sensitive for the true feedback at home or office.


Astrology is a proven ancient science which developed many thousands of years ago. It has been the most primeval of sciences to have originated back in the eras gone by. Scriptures and astrologers still have plenty of directions for people interested in knowing about how the reading of career horoscope provide detail on their future life. Follow these tips on knowledge of Sun’s position to gain advantage in life. 

Sun in the 6th house 
The Sun is a potent celestial presence which by arriving in 6th house further strengthens the house aspects to individual while adding vigor and aggression. It makes the individual appear dominating and effective. The natives of this placement with Sun are truly determined and most sincere personalities who succeeded and attained high and strong positions at work place. 

These individuals are admired and respected in their work arena, but for similar reasons are object of jealousy and enmity, though they get through without a blemish. These individuals are attached to many things at workplace for which they become sensitive to criticism to work. They are somewhat proud of their work, though they need to stay away of overconfidence and being snobby with work. They need to understand that nothing is perfect in world. 

Individuals who have Sun in 6th house would give their best if they are given freedom at work besides enough motivation which is their true strength. Health is a main reason for individuals while these people are endowed with a beautiful wife. Placement of Ketu in 1st or 7th bhava in first house bestows a son and strong fortune after age of 48 years. Placement of moon, mars and Jupiter in 2nd bhava is beneficial from follow of tradition and also respecting their culture. 

Native individual would land a government based job after 22nd year of birth if there are no planets in 2nd house. Malefic placement of Sun in 6th house can bring adverse health to individual with son and maternal family would confront difficulties to life. Placement of Mars to 10th house brings frequent death to sons while placement of planet Mercury in 12th bhava causes problems of high blood pressure to person. 

Native individuals need to strictly adore and pursue customs as this would strongly influence family happiness. Individual should not construct any underground furnace in house, while blowing off the fire of kitchen stove from sprinkling of milk after dinner. Individual needs to also offer gur or wheat to monkeys while also keeping Gangajal in their house. 


Sun placement in an individual’s horoscope guides their stellar influence in unique manner. By studying the effects of Sun and other planet’s position many future events and life conditions can be for better in individual’s native life.

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