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Career Astrology :Sun in 4th house or fourth bhava

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in 4th house acts as a hurdle to the rise infortune till the age of the 21st years. As soon as the native reaches the 22nd year, everything is set right and the native gets honour and position. He gets ruling or administrative power from the govt. He may get awards for intellect or bravery. Varied results of Sun in 4th house be found according to zodiac of Sun positioned and of its aspect. 

A peaceful death has ben noticed when Sun is in association or aspect with Mars, rahu or saturn. For individual who have the Sun in 4th house there is great potency to roots of family and cultural norms to which he or she is attached. This further makes person feel protective and defensive with personal and family aspects for their cultural possession. The individuals of this position of Sun do get more involved in family related matters as they are truly devoted.

Besides this they are honest followers and carriers of cultural beliefs and perceptions. These types of individuals are always perceptive towards future for which they want closed ones and themselves to stay on safe side, defensive at workplace though they should avoid such tendencies. These people believe in continuous growth and progress, their lives keep getting better with time while a development of their personal core is difficult or struggle filled. Even then they are respectful of family roots and carry a great pride of culture even at peak of success.

These natives lead a satisfactory and peaceful life with a true stability of mind even in difficult days with immense calmness with them. Sun position bestows various sources of income that takes him or her to affluence and leaving huge amount of money to family and offspring’s. Placement of sun in 4th house brings huge profits from new researches, Mercury in 10th house takes him towards great heights of trading and presence of Jupiter with Sun in 4th house carries the promise of great profits from trading of both gold and silver. 

Unusually the malefic appearance of Sun could bring negative setbacks to individual. He or she could become covetous and pursue immoral paths of thefts for which there would be much harm to others. Saturn in 7th house results in night blindness and with the Mars position in 10th bhava leads to some serious eye problems for this individual. 

Positions of Saturn in 7th, Venus in 5th, Moon in 1st, 2nd or malefic Sun in 4th house in a horoscope prediction chart makes the individual impotent and weak. Such individuals should not pursue business of iron, wood or related material. They should instead follow with gold, silver and cloth with the business to bring positive and beneficial results. They should feed the poor and needy people to reduce adverse impacts of the Sun’s position.

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