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Career Astrology : Sun in 2nd house

Career Astrology : Bhrigu says that the Sun in 2nd house in any sign other than Leo or Aries may cause loss of wealth on account of displeasure of the government. Benefic aspect on the Sun may make one wealthy. The Sun in 2nd house in Leo or Aries may make one wealthy too. The Sun in 2nd house in Leo or Aries or in other favorable sign may also confer Rajyoga.

Sun is a divine potent and dominating expression, with it there is a lot of aggression following from a highest authority of being the emperor of planets. Sun is an auspicious presence though it could also appear as malefic from certain planetary placements, from which it could provide pleasant and adverse impacts to other human beings. Presence of Sun in the 2nd house bestows financial strength as natives with Sun in 2nd house attain better professional places. 

They would also have gained channels of income from various sources keeping them wealthy. While on another part, these natives with Sun in the 2nd house pursue lavisher and careless money spending as they are being born to higher materialistic pleasures and comforts. They seek financial independence.

The individuals with Sun in 2nd house are great effective talkers, they leave impacts behind. Besides they are also perceived as true to their words, as these individuals do not break their promises. These individuals are intellectual beings who can pursue good learning while turning towards better worthwhile research and scientific aspects of studies. They can be stubborn and peevish with attitude. They could be stammers facing dangers to their lives when in the age of 25 years.

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