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Career Astrology : Sun in aquarius

Career AstrologyIf the Sun in Aquarius the native is malicious. He is skillful in his works but is disliked by others on account of his bad behavior, infidelity, malicious habits and changing loyalty. When Sun in aquarius gives sense of future vision, The native is likely to be motivated by the need to achieve a logical and objective requirement. Sun in aquarius As an Air sign is linked with the numerous ideas in mind.

Affable insight with Sun in Aquarius
Sun is a stellar influence which is the best benefic for individual from Jan 20 to Feb. 18 during the year. This is when Sun in Aquarius is bright. With the Sun in Aquarius there is high unwillingness to follow the beaten track. Through advancement and progress to their minds there is irreverence to olden and outdated ways of thinking or doing things. Aquarians are surprisingly stubborn. With a strong idealism which runs strong they can become very fixed in their opinions.

They are a lot aloof and usually well liked by everyone. As they are curious and observant with tolerance in a many broad sense. Following prejudice and bias they can be offensive to the typical Aquarius. Generally clever, witty and intellectual they value progress and frankness. It is difficult to throw these Aquarians when they are on top of things. They are reformed as Aquarians. While they get to see superficiality they would encourage one to be open and forthright. The motto's of being true to yourself with the do not follow crowd applied to them. They need space and value true freedom. Your attempts to box them would likely fail. They would happily return the favor. They treat people from all walks of life as their equals. Equality and fairness are the hallmarks of the Sun in Aquarius.

People with Sun in Aquarius are more dynamic than what they seem to be. These natives can outperform if they try to live to potential. Their Aquarius sign would stimulate mind while people with Sun in Aquarius use their head rather than heart or emotions. Their emotions of love are highly impersonal with warm and spontaneous feeling for people. They are confusing nature with their temperament depending on various viewpoints.

Sun in Aquarius people judge from abstract principles and not appearances. Aquarius people seem to be detached and aloof from others. Main reason is that they are indifferent to other people, too worried of humanity’s plight as whole. They are certainly very choosy people. Spending time with selected people as time is important, with less regard for ego while being modest and earth. They usually do not assert their viewpoint just to win approvals. Their feelings are to do the job better while winning their compliments. Aquarian's are sometimes very stubborn, resisting of new ideas and do not want to change opinions. Sun in Aquarius people readily accept bigger changes to life while also accepting small time changes. People of this placement are spiritual and humane. They are with tuned to celestial heritage in idealist championing of highest principles to humanity that can aspired.

Aquarius people are extremely independent thinkers. When they get confronted from authoritarian demands or dogmatic principles they are a clear rebel. Hesitant of taking initiatives, though they decide situation or ideas as worthwhile they are involved and aggressive in pushing these forward. While they do not mind being asked for doing something they would resent being told to do it. Those who would want to gain favor would share workload without being asked. They are usually intelligent and react to every single experience they would have in life. Being practical people they think of every situation thoroughly before taking any action. By analyzing options and emotions before reaching conclusion, they are also not passionate or possessive. They become passionate only when they are having true feelings for someone. People with Sun in Aquarius like colors such as silver, aqua and purple as also electric shades of pink and blue. Shin, circulatory system and ankles are weaknesses while allergies, sudden illness, cramps and freak accidents are their common problems. Birthstone is amethyst as this gem confers stability and mental poise for those who would wear it.


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