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Home Career Astrology : Sun In 10th House Or Tenth Bhava

Career Astrology : Sun in 10th house or tenth bhava

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in 10th house makes one famous on account of learning. Such a native is able to save money. Benefic aspect on the Sun may confer favor and patronange of the govt. The native may perform good deeds. The Sun in Aries or Leo may make him very powerful and famous. He may do extremely well in development and welfare work. The Sun always bestows power and positivity so there are chances of pleasing personality blessed. If Sun in tenth house it gives happy and prosperous life.

Sun placement in the individual native’s horoscope is a benefit to the person. It is always a presence of high power with positive energy with pleasing reflections around Sun. Arrival of Sun in 10th house is a particular emphasis of study.

The individual with Sun in 10th house brings pleasing impact on his or her life with admirable heights while also including adverse impacts depending upon planetary placements. The presence of Sun endows person with many powers and authorities which keep upon higher profession and social arena which come along with some hurdles in path and lead to ever higher possibility of difficulty for the individual. They are born to get noticed while dominating others there is natural potency in presence. 

They are even stronger at workplace and deserve same for working harder with strong determination. As an influence affecting personality they can easily inspire other people with presence and style. While they attain high respect from country, they would be honored for various reasons in their life and people would tend to believe most precious treasure is respect and position. They are noble creatures who have immense dignity and self respect. Natives of the Sun in 10th house are vigorous to triumph in work while effortless working towards success. These individuals are strongly positioned to take up responsibility and born to lead. They are believed to stand up for brilliant part of career.

Natives of this placement are stronger while rarely falling for anyone. They are believed to have ever strong partners who would bring strong social and professional positions which make them truly happy around the lifestyles. In more explicit words, they have favors from government and a strong personality. For individual who has government job of high profile would comprise comforts, luxuries and servants as well. They have good health and stronger finances though they could be suspicious of others for most of their times.

On the other hand, malefic effect of Sun in 10th house brings adverse impact to native’s life while Saturn when gets placed over 4th it would bring death to father some years from native’s birth. If Sun in 10th house with Moon in 5th house, then it shall bring short life to native while if 4th house is vacant then malefic affects to extent that there is no benefit from government. Individuals from this placement of Sun, never wear blue or black colors while needing to stay away from immoral liquor and non vegetarian food. Also they intend to throw copper coin in river or canal for continuous 43 days which easily reduces malefic impacts to a large extent.



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