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Career astrology: Sun in Sagittarius

Career astrologyIf The Sun occupies Sagittarius, the native may be a scholarly person or a skilled person in the use of weapons and hands. He may be a teacher, a warrior, a surgeon, an artisan, an artist, a mechanic, an engineer, a sportsman, a ruler or an advisor. He will be a wealthy and successful person. If the Sun occupies Sagittarius, one will be betowed with prosperity, be dear to his Boss, wise, will respect Elders, be skillful in use of weapons and will have good Cars, be respectable, remain in peaceful state, Sun occupies Sagittarius native Loves to help needy.


The swift guidance from Sun in Sagittarius 
Sun is in the placement for the planet of individual stellar astrology, and then pursuit of goals is made easy. The bestow of new influence from Sun in Sagittarius is clearly benefic for individual, alongside increasing aspirations for happiness and prosperity. 

During the period from Nov 23 to Dec 21, depending on given year the Sun in Sagittarius makes individual who are on the go more cheerful, friendly and restless. With a lot of affinity for freedom they also have disdain for routine. While being easygoing, all Sagittarius would make friends with the people coming from all walks of life. These are global citizens with taste for sampling different cultures keeping them on the move. 

The Sagittarius people are rarely bored, they would break free of given relations or situations which starts becoming of their enthusiasm. Sun in Sagittarius, makes the individual native’s nature one of expansions with their eyes often fixed on future goals. These people often show a bright demeanor which can be disarming. This is often uncomplicated style which invites to drop defenses. 

Sun in Sagittarius make for fun friend without emotional complexities. They love to laugh and tease while getting along well with both the sexes. They often have a blind faith with people as well as world. Optimism for them is an infectious habit which can get them into trouble from time to time. 

While the Sun in Sagittarius bestows many new traits, they remain curious people with willingness to learn. They harbor tactlessness with alarming clarity in messy tangles showcasing a flexible attitude even in the bedroom and looks to gel well with their wild side.

Sun in Sagittarius inspires the native to have anything goes attitude in vigorous athletics and bold adventure like travels. They have an idealistic nature, generally easygoing they belong to fire sign. Generally quick to temper, they are usually quick to forget while their need to escape is stronger. Some of the native are irresponsible but easy to forgive which makes their direct and honest approach to life clearly admirable.


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