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Career Astrology : Sun in 7th house or seventh bhava

Career AstrologyNarayan Bhatt says that the Sun in 7th house confers ordinary gains in trade or business as a rule. Jeevanath Jha says that it cannot make one very wealthy through trade and business. Jaya Deva says that the Sun in seventh house may cause fear from rulers or the employers or troubles from enemies. The native show  true concern and respect towards the relationship. Sun in seventh house people are believed to lead a blissful Love Relationship and carry strong bond with their partner. 

Placement of Sun in 7th house is indeed a pleasing influence to the individual and while this would make a house emerge truly beneficial to the person, this might also strengthen aspects to sun in 7th house. These individuals have a serious approach to relations without which they really need intimate and conjugal relations with vivid words, while marriage is also important for them. These individuals pay a true concern and are sincere with conjugal relations towards closed relations. People from this placement are perceived to have blissful married life with strong relations. 

These people having Sun in 7th house have stronger dominating personalities being skilled in maintaining better public relations. Individuals are strong followers of peace and harmony while often they play role of pacifier upon land. For similar reasons they are good at judging others while giving best efforts to maintain peace in relations. Individuals of this placement are people who rule from their calm presence. 

Native individuals often are admirable personalities which are liked by people. These are truly helpful in their nature though they would get sensitive to rejection, as they would be forceful with advice though they also need to understand that everyone does not need it. These people are of stronger personalities of courage who can handle heavier responsibilities alone and feel good about the same. They are patient in every way. 

Placement of Jupiter, Moon, and Mars in the 2nd bhava along with the placement is really beneficial for person while they would attain stronger positions in governmental sector. There is a never ending money resource for individual if Mercury is exalted or gets placed in the 5th or 7th bhava. Also malefic placement of Sun with Jupiter, Venus and other malefic planet in 11th bhava, malefic Mercury in house brings death to several family members at same time. Individual can find difficulties and other conflicts with the authority of people which would include government. Problems of harsh incidents like fire could also occur in the family. Individuals could also have health problems like tuberculosis and asthma.                                                                                                                                           

Placement of malefic Sun in 7th house, mars, Saturn in 2nd and 12th with moon in 1st would bring leprosy to individual. These individuals can start all kinds of work after taking sweets with water. They should avoid salt in diet to every possible extent. They can also donate part of their cooked food or other foodstuff to fire God.

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