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Home Career Astrology : Sun In 9th House Or Ninth House

Career Astrology : Sun in 9th house or ninth house

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in ninth house makes one somewhat less fortunate but it makes one very wealthy. Yavaneshwar says that it may give fame and happiness. Sphuji Dhwaja says that it gives good thoughts. Khana khana says that exalted Sun in 9th house may make one wealthy but the Sun in other signs may make one famous though the native may experience hurdles in his job.

Sun in 9th house. Phala Deepika says If the Sun in 9th house at the time of birth, the Native is likely to lost of his father, but he/she would be having children and relations. He will give due respect for god and wise people.

Sun is effective perceived benefice benevolence for auspicious and reduces difficulties when it is placed in particular position of individual’s horoscope prediction. Arrival of Sun in 9th house brings most of impacts of Sun at core for the native.

Sun in 9th house also bestows a vision which can observe far beyond the picture from where these people can carry using idealist approach which is making them fantastical to attitude. People in this kind of Sun in 9th house placement observe their life as a simple view while exploring higher to perceive it in depth though this takes them away from a practical understanding. People in this placement of Sun would be highly curious to attain all present knowledge while being truly philosophical and spiritual in their approach. Placement of Sun in 9th house the position is all same while it binds in a thread of humanity which strengthens the native’s belief in sharing knowledge and learning. They seek to know every aspect to root and person to their core. 

The insatiable knowledge thirst is a reason of restlessness from home while also weak in overconfidence and inflexible about others opinions. They are also aggressive at times. Native from this placement of Sun in 9th house are emergent with knowledge of various cultures and proficient in many different languages – are really good as teachers and translators. From a perspective they are wise souls and wise vision of world. There is great fortune for person who is warm and nice in attitude by being blessed to good family.

Besides, the placement of Mercury in 5th house brings fortune to all natives till age of 34 years. Malefic placement of Sun brings troubles from all sides, making them wicked and evil in approach. These men receive defamation from government or higher authorities. They should never accept silver or silver stuff as gift or donation. They should use ancestral pots and utensils while avoiding anger to every extent and adopt softness with warmth in attitude.

Placement of sun in 9th house brings benefits to native while other stellar presence makes his personality and good nature stand out. He should take precaution to achieve even greater goals ahead of his or her life.

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