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Carteer Astrology : Sun in Pisces

Career Astrology If the Sun in Pisces the native may be learned and popular. He may have success over his rivals and enemies. He may grow rich by any profession connected with water as discussed in the context of the Sun in Cancer.The   Sun occupies Pisces leads with a affectionate heart, which can be  a blessing and disguise. some time native with sun in pisces gives tendency to selfsacrifice.

Watch for Sun in Pisces 
The Sun is a great influence of good benefic to individual native. During the period of Feb 19 to Mar 20, this sign of Pisces contains all experiences of different signs. With the Sun occupies Pisces there is greater ability of people to get identified with people of all walks in life. The Pisces people are not only changeable and adaptable but have open minds and tremendous understanding. Pisces people are often misunderstood. They would spend a great part of their life in understanding with other part in divine discontent. Suffering gets glamorized of the Piscean world. Sun in Pisces people get frequently laid as wishy-washy though this is opinion only. These are deep people with real dreams. 

Dreams of making corporate ladder or picket fence are nothing, they tune to higher purpose and transcending individuality. These are cutthroat people not easily open to aggressive manner. They can be extraordinarily successful given the chance to express properly. Arts, music, teaching, drama, healing arts are all professional fields which Pisceans find expression with. With a strong attunement to humanity, imagination as well as remarkable intuition showers the gift of insight and creativity. 

Sun in Pisces is a generally sensitive sign in criticism and feelings. As they are getting easily touched with human suffering they need not touch even a fly. By believing in people they also do not believe in saying no. Though they escape hard realities from escapist or self delusions. Reality does raise an ugly head which hits Pisceans in a wrong manner. These individuals are self pitying providing pep talks to themselves. They have shorter periods or bouts of self pity though they sense to derive greater energy from it. Piscean people get ahead with a spring to their step with compassion and lot of creative energy from sadness. Some people find Piscean tendency of being late to appointments spaced out behavior and absent mindedness to be irresponsibility. They are shocked to know this.

Sun in Pisces brings out their retreats or bouts from ordinary life such that they seem to need every now and again to being understandable to no-nonsense signs. Plenty of artists, poets and musicians are from Sun in Pisces. The themes they like are woven like songs of Billy Corgan or Smashing Pumpkins and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.


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